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Greetings one and all.  I am Saundra of Loch Raeburn.  New to this list.  Not so new to the society.  I have been trying to read the posts for the last week, and to be honest, I can't.  There are WAY to many to read.  That is not a bad thing.  That just means discussion is occurring and no good change can occur without discussion.  That being said, I consider myself a bard.  Maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, but in that I tell stories through my songs and poems, entertain when I can, remember the traditions of our "small" family, and encourage others to share their gifts as well.  I finally chose to answer this post because I feel very strongly about this particular subject.  
I do not want to add more "organization" to our organization and I don't want to be a part of doing so.  We don't need another set of officers, reports, etc.  We are drowning in that already.  What I would however love to see is a common goal of promoting the performance arts in our game.  I don't just mean just competitions, but also the good old fashioned bardic circles.  Memories that for me DEFINE my game.  Memories that include Duke Inman singing under a lightening sky.  Memories that include my first event and singing for the King.  Memories that made me dream of a different time and place.  Memories that are still being made today.
My hope for this group would be to see more planning of bardic display in the more informal settings.  A place where we can say "I'll have my fire going at ________ event.  Let me know who can come so that I can promote the wonderful people who want to entertain." 
And since someone said quite eloquently, I don't want to shoot down an idea without an offer of a solution.  So here is my attempt.
I'm going to be hosting a bardic circle at Bordermarch Melees on Friday night at Giotto's vigil tent.  Who can come because I want to promote our entertainers.  It should begin about 8:30.  There should be quite a few visitors who will want to wander into our circle and see the talent of our kingdom.  I hope to see you there.
PS.  I would LOVE to hear your favorite song/story/poem from our current history.  In other words, bring out those songs that you may have gotten sick of, but maybe the new people have never heard.  You know the ones I mean.  The ones that the first time YOU heard them, they made you go WOW.  I've got dibs on Spring Strathspy.  (Okay, okay, I slaughtered the spelling, but I can still sing it.)      :)

>  So how about it? I'm asking everybody here, and I will spend the next > couple of months trying to ask the much larger group of bards who aren't > here: Do you want a group that will "exist under the authority of the Crown, > via the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, and/or his/her appointed > deputy" with "oversight of the college's adherance to Corpora, Kingdom Law, > and the best interests of the kingdom" maintained through this "existing > organizational channel", or do you want to join together in a co-operative > venture of bards?> > Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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