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T'Star bedlamandmayhem at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 08:45:50 PST 2006

Has anyone considered getting in contact with the bardic guild
guildheads of each group?  My group's guild head is my Land Lady, so
it's easy for me to pass things along, but most of the places that
have bardic guilds, with guild heads have contact information that
includes e-mail.  There's no reason NOT to use that as a way to get
information, then anything that needs to be announced can be put out
through usual group channels.

What it looks like we need is actually alot more simple than a
college: We need to actually start talking to each other on a regular
basis.  We need a bardic network

Making a few names up.

Bard Snuffy the Great is in the Barony of SomeWhere Empty.  They are
primarily singers there and have someone who is interested in Story
telling.  He knows that the Shire of Over There Some Where has people
who excell at story telling so he contacts their bardic guild head and
puts newbie in contact with story tellers.

Second case.

Again our Loyal Bard Snuffy has a newbie, this one is interested in
chinese fan dancing.  Snuffy is at a loss.  He didn't realize the
chinese HAD fan dancing much less that it was a period art, so offers
to look into it and points her to the bardic resources, asking on the
list himself, and then sending out to the bard guild heads of various
groups (who in our little theoretical world here have contact
information on the website.)  Asking "Could you ask around and see if
anyone knows anything about Chinese Fan Dancing or were we can find
any information and get back with me?  We have a newbie asking and it
sounds really cool."

Third Case

Again Bard Snuffy from Some Where Empty.  This time he is at an event!
 Lo and behold!  He runs into some old friends Trip from the Province
of Left Field and Fall from the Canton of No Where In Particular.
They decide to do a wandering bardic circle and simply wander about
site performing.  By the end of the day they have several people
listening.  One newbie tries and has a nails on blackboard effect.
Later Trip hears the same newbie telling mudane stories from college
that are relatively typical, but are so well delivered that The newbie
(We shall call him "Bob") has the audience in stitches.  Trip walks up
to Bob and asks if he's ever considered storytelling for bardic
circles and offers to help him find materiel.

Now the question: Are these hypotheticals the sort of thing we're looking for?

If so Perhaps we should keep the College a discussion for now and
actually just start a bardic NETWORK.  Start with this group here.
(It's not everyone but it's a START) then go forth into our own groups
and actually start paying attention to whose specialties are what, and
who's willing to help with what, etc.  So WE know more than to just
direct them to the website.  It's something for us to actually be
DOING to improve things as we hash out how feasible and in what form a
college would be.

And Yes, I'm willing to plow through group websites to get contact
information (and permission) from local bardic guild heads.

~Svetlana Andreivna Volkova

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