[Bards] An Apology

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Tue Nov 7 13:41:00 PST 2006

To all on this list, I offer the following.

When the concept of a College of Bards was first brought up, I was 
among those asking why one was needed.
It occurred to me that if that was my first question, a few other folks 
may have the same initial question.
(There WILL BE questions as to what the college is, why one should have 
any interest and why it will work THIS time. Thus far, even the few 
people on this list can't seem to figure out these basic question for 
themselves, yet we expect other performers to have those answers).

However, a certain amount of enthusiasm for at least discussing the 
idea was expressed.
So, instead of complaining, I decided I'd try to contribute some 
positive comments and worthwhile questions as best I could.
I ignored the multiple failures of the Colleges past and decided that 
maybe it deserved some consideration, even though I've been given no 
evidence to conclude that anything is different this time.
I joined in the conversations asking what it might accomplish and 
offering my ideas on the topic.
I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I was trying to show support for the performers by lending a hand
  and in doing so I helped to flood the list.

Shame on me. You have my apologies.

Frankly, the only way I see this happening is if a few strong 
personalities start it and invite others to join,
  which is just another household at the end of the day, although it may 
prove to be quite successful. If you want one, start one and grow it, 
but don't propose a "group for everybody" and then attempt to maintain 
control over the content of the conversations.
Essentially, what we've gotten is a proposed idea, an invitation to 
discuss it, lack of clarity as to what the idea is, criticism for 
trying to define what the idea *could* be, a detachment from the topic 
so as not appear as an authority and instructions to go out and share 
this with others.
That doesn't work.

I see a real value (and not some flippant "Kumbayah" sentiment) in this 
list, the website, Ihon's meetings, classes at Collegiums
AND visiting with my fellow performers at events and on the phone.

  I see no need to certify it with a needless Kingdom-wide structure. I 
consider that a useless formality made for a group of artists who have 
an empathy for each other but no cohesion.
  I value that lack of cohesion as a *strength* in our circles, in open 
forums, this list, what have you, and I don't care to put a fence 
around it, even if the fence is just a name and a badge. Symbols have 
power in this game, and I'm loathe to employ them without considering 
all the consequences.

You are my fellow bards. No, I don't think we need a Kingdom-wide 


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