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Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 19:22:17 PST 2006

A question or several...

I've seen several times in reading the various posts here that people don't
want to discuss the "structure of the college" without talking to a lot more
bards than seem to be on this list.

Does anybody have any idea of the possible numbers of persons in the kingdom
who consider themselves to be a bard, minstrel, storyteller or whatever
performer type they consider themselves? And who these people might be?

Also, can someone please post...hopefully concisely...exactly what the "old"
or "former" College of Bards was like...as in how *it* was structured etc.
I've gathered there was a sash...blue with gold fringe..that some wore and
some didn't. I've gathered that there was a sort of leader that was the
Kingdom Bard ??? (maybe) and a sort of secretary person (maybe)...I remember
hearing (years ago) that the "college" had a ranking system and there were
bars or some sort of other markings that went on this sash that some wore
and some didn't which showed your "rank" in the "College" .

I also remember being told (again years ago) that if you weren;t wearing
said sash you weren't a "real" bard and was given the impression that you
couldn't or wouldn't be permitted to perform or compete. ....this was way,
WAY, long ago but was one of the initial reasons I thought I couldn't
compete as a relative newcomer to the SCA because I didn't have the "sash"
and therefore couldn't call myself a "bard"...but could never seem to find
anyone who could tell me anything else about it.

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