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The participants in Gulf War are also chosen at Kingdom A&S so that may be a good reason to enter there.  We have sent performers to compete at war the last 2 years (I'm sure they were there before but I wasn't involved with the KMoAS job then so I don't remember).  I'm not sure if there was a bardic track at this KC but I can make sure there is next time.  I know we advertised for bards to come to LPT this year and I helped Master Ion give feedback on the ONE performer who came.

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With regard to what Master Ihon was saying about Kingdom A&S ("I'd like to see more performace at Kingdom A&S. For my part, I vow to do whatever I can to see that our art receives the same treatment and consideration as any other genre. May even enter!"), I don't know that I would enter a performance piece in the Kingdom A&S Championship, because there is a comparable championship for performers - Eisteddfod. However, I would participate in adding bardic to kingdom A&S events because bardic *is* part of the A&S community too. There should be bardic classes at King's College, bardic feedback provided at Laurel's Prize Tourney, Bardic and performers representing out kingdom for the A&S point at Gulf Wars. Bards should also sit in on A&S discussions, round tables, and similar venues.


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However, depending on the country and the age of the piece in
question, what documentation actually survived or is readily available
in this country varries wildly. Brittish styles in late period have
more documentation available in this country than Russian pieces from
the time of Saint Vladimir. The point being the A&S side of things
doesn't take performance into consideration. So the more we move to
that venue and away from things like circles and bardic specific
competitions, the more we loose from the thing that most defines
Bardic: the audience. If we can do both, that would be ideal, but
swinging from one extreme all the way to the other isn't going to aid
the situation.


On 11/8/06, Alden Drake wrote:
> I actually prefer putting together more documentation for bardic pieces that I enter into A&S competitions, as opposed to putting together documentation for bardic competitions. My thinking on this is that static A&S judging should be weighed more on the research done for your entry, where bardic judging should be weighed more on the performance aspect. I won a Gate's Edge A&S Championship in which I entered a sonnet that I wrote. For 14 lines of poetry, I had four pages of documentation. :)
> Alden
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