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With due respect to the official proponents of A&S, bardic offerings *as
presented within the SCA* do not usually mesh well with the layout of
"the A&S venues" as they are typically organized in Ansteorra.  The
portions of the "compleat" bardic experience that fit the best to
typical A&S are not those usually associated to the typical bard of the
SCA:  face it, research papers, genealogies, written-out histories just
don't have the cachet of rising in front of an audience and holding it
spell-bound with the telling of a good yarn or the singing of a tragic
With due respect to the MoA&S, Kingdom Eisteddfod and the local-branch
bardic championships ARE indeed "A&S venues" -- venues which are
specific to the performance of forms which are appropriate for those
situations, and may not be received in the same way in the typical
Kingdom A&S, or Laurel's Prize Tourney, of local-branch A&S
Ihon, please do enter if you are so moved -- and do let us know how much
traction you can get in trying to add bardic performance to the
"mainstream" / "normal" A&S venues.  If past experience is any
predictor, it will not be an easy thing to do.  Please consider also
that adding a performance room separate from the main display area is
not the same thing.  (I, personally, consider such to be separate &
unequal -- but also note that I don't have a better general solution,
either, given the existing needs of A&S and the normal limitations of
sites used to host such events.  May be a case of the best we can hope
for under the overall circumstances -- but it should give any organizer
significant pause before combining Kingdom A&S with Eisteddfod
I do not expect my opinion on this to bear much weight, but I do know
that it will be received and noted as another voice -- even if it
currently must echo from a far place to reach your attentions.

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe (Mike C. Baker)

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Piggy-backing on the words of my boss, I'd like to see more performace
at Kingdom A&S.  For my part, I vow to do whatever I can to see that our
art receives the same treatment and consideration as any other genre.
May even enter! 
DMoAS for Bardic & Performance Arts
On 11/8/06, gail young <gwynethb63 at yahoo.com> wrote: 

I think if you would move as a group towards making bards more of a part
of the mainstream A&S community you would make people more aware of your
talents then you as a group would become more aware of others talents
and therefore get stronger.  If that happens, then the A&S community as
a whole, and therefore Ansteorra as a whole, gets stronger.  MY first
step, if I were a bard, would be to make my spotlight event ligitimate
by bringing it into the A&S venues.  
But, I am not a bard.  I am here only to promote the Arts and Sciences
in our Kingdom.

Robert Fitzmorgan <  <mailto:fitzmorgan at gmail.com> fitzmorgan at gmail.com>

 So here are a few of my questions.  

    What does a thriving, growing, healthy bardic community look like?
How is that different than what we have now?
    What would you like to see happen that isn't happening now?  How can
we make that happen?
    What can the bardic community do to help you as a bard?
    What can you as a bard do to help the bardic community?
    What other questions should we be asking ourselves? 

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