[Bards] What's *your* idea of what a college is (or ought to be)?

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 8 11:12:04 PST 2006

>Robin of Gilwell is one of the most noble and passionate people I  
>know. If he believes in something, I have to believe there's an  
>excellent chance that it's worth believing in, even if I know nothing  
>else about it. 

Robin is a legend in many circles, and I admire him for what I have seen and heard of him doing. 
However, faith is reserved for God, and few others. I have not been convinced of a college's benefits as of yet. 

With respect due to both men, I still do not see a 'college' as an answer. 

>Basic concept:
Like any guild or household, it should have livery, documents, and a mission statement, as well as offices. Also, (I know this will light its own fire, but still) I think it should create and maintain a modest money reserve (barring any laws I do not know about). I say this because the ability to rent space, pay for a sidebar, pay for a newletter..heck, the ability to effect any cost driven outcome, will be a powerful tool to help bardic within the kingdom. I know its hardly that simple, and money is always a touchy subject, but for me, of we are going to try and change anything from the top down, I believe we will need some money resources. 

>What do you think this idea called "college of bards" is (or ought to  
>be)? In general terms at least, or specifically if you have specific  

When you figure this one out, let me know, will you.

Not that I believe that a college is needed for most of these, but if there were one, it should:

Build and maintain a working and dynamic database of performers by group, region, discipline and rank. 
Built and maintain a centralized library of pieces AND documentation links where appropriate. 
Offer 'resource packets' to groups that want them, each containing information on bardic competitions and circles.
Maintain a kingdom level calender that shows bardic competitions, planned circles, and local meetings. 

Write and submit regular reports to local A&S ministers to help foster communication between officers and bards, as well as get our good name out to the general public. 

The college should hold some type of public meting where issues, rules and policy could be discussed, and the meetings should NOT all be held in the same place. 


Something period.

I don't say this lightly, and I don't know much as historical guilds, households or colleges. If this does come to pass, it should look and feel basically medieval. 

--I'm just not going to answer this because I frankly don't think that there is a benefit unique to a college. 

Ivo Blackhawk

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