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One view I have of how bardic fits in the A&S community is pretty simple (at least in my mind).  

We have the following rough layout:
Arts & Sciences
--Static Arts
--Bardic Arts

All three subcategories come out of the Arts and Sciences parent body.  To me, it's the same reason why we don't see rapier fighting in heavy lists.  They're both in the martiallate, but they have their own needs and wants for their community.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the kingdom now have a European Dance Champion *and* a Middle Eastern Dance Champion?  I know there's a ME Champion; not so sure about Euro.  So it's easy to conceive of the Dance community splitting further into those two categories.  Maybe it has already, but I'm not a dancer, so I didn't notice.

I don't think there is a misfit group of artisans in the A&S Community.  We just have to realize that we *all* make up the A&S Community.  Someone pointed out (forgive me for missing who) that bardic venues *are* A&S venues.  I loved that statement. :)

Further to my thinking, if a group has an A&S Championship, but does not have a Bardic Championship, I would have no problem asking to enter a bardic performance into their A&S Championship because bardic is obviously an art.  Now, their coordinator may say that the A&S Championship is intended for static arts only, but that's his/her choice - and I might talk to their seneschal or B&B to make sure that is the branch's choice as well. ;)


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Okay, let me say something that has already been said, but say it differently. 

What would everyone think of the concept that Bardic has become the misfit child of the A&S community?

This IS NOT at attack on the A&S people!

But, I do NOT see a lot of overlap between the A&S people up here and the Bards. (This IS a northern perspective, I don't claim kingdom wide exposure.)

We all know we are under the A&S umbrella, but at the same time, during event planning we go "A&S comp here run by x person, and Bardic Here, run by Y person" and we have an A&S Champion and a Bardic champion...etc...

I don't know what to make of this. I don't know if its good, bad, just a fact of life or what.

So, any thoughts?

I am inclined to say we should try and include ourselves in the A&S community more, to help make ourselves better heard by the officers and autocats, for good and for ill. I'm not entirely sure what that means at this moment, but my gut tells me its worth looking into. 

anyone what to take a shot at that?
are things different in central, coastal,western...wherever?


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