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Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Wed Nov 8 11:34:55 PST 2006

"My first image is a group of people who get together to talk.  Things 
grow out of these meetings that nobody planned.  I don't know what they 
be.  I want to go around talking to people about what they need.  How 
can I
responsibly make a more specific proposal if I haven't done that yet?

That's a serious question.  As near as I can tell, you, Alden and 
are upset with me because:
a. You're afraid it will be too exclusionary, and
b. I  don't want to give final answers without talking to more people.
C'mon, guys, it can't be both. "

~Robin of Gilwell

Let me clarify something that can be read by everyone on this list.

I am NOT upset with you Robin. Your passion for the bardic community is 
blindingly hot, and I admire it, I wanna jump in, gotta do more, gotta 
be more!

I am afraid it (the College) will become exclusionary, not that it will 
begin that way (my opinion here, folks). I also wasn't wanting "final 
answers" but I certainly needed a starting point, something with a 
little definition that can then be added to, taken from or destroyed 
completely in lieu of a new concept. From where I sit it looks like you 
are concerned about the perception of exclusivity yourself, but this 
caution has led to a series of fuzzy comments and unclear suggestions, 
even in how to approach others with the idea.
You are becoming clearer, and I see no issue with you stating what you 
envision. It will remain your vision, whether some share it or not. 
It's a starting place I wanted, not a final answer.

As for your thinking I'm upset, not at all. Some of your comments 
struck me as snideful and dismissive, but I'm no Care Bear, either. If 
I was upset, I wouldn't have involved myself in this at all.
Here's a little reminder for you, Robin. You are the man from Gilwell, 
a Lion, a forger of the rapier community, a double peer, a baron and a 
legendary bard. I don't think you realize just how powerful your 
disregard can be. It's a terrifying thing (for me) to disagree with you 
on any topic, but I feel very strongly that there are some fundamental 
issues with a Kingdom-wide College and I can't in good conscience let 
them slide.

I think a College is essentially flawed by it's nature, but I don't 
dislike you for supporting it.

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