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Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 8 12:58:58 PST 2006

Combining the Ansteorran Bardic Collegium and Eisteddfod would be great, provided the schedule for classes and the competition can be isolated - something like classes from 10 to 3, competition from 3 to 7, feast and court from 7 to 9, bardic circle from 9 to whenever.  But it's difficult to predict how much time the competition will need, and I'd hate for people to chose between taking/teaching classes and performing in/watching/judging Eisteddfod.

I have no issue with Eisteddfod being it's own event, tacking it onto an existing event, or even having a group tack an event onto Eisteddfod, so long as we as a community support it and give it the attention we think it deserves.  It would also be nice if we could get every Crown to support it too.  Even if it's not something they are personally interested in, we are competing to be THEIR champion.  HRM Valeria was a judge this year.  That's awesome!  On the other hand, I've competed in a Royal Huntsman tournament where the Crown was nowhere in sight.  I didn't find that very motivating. :\

I think before we move Eisteddfod away from Steppes Twelfth NIght, let's try getting as many bards out there to support it as we can in January - I'm talking competitors and spectators alike!  I'm not competing, but I'll certainly be in attendance!  If Elanor is stewarding Eisteddfod (as the outgoing bard), she should be attached at the hip to the steward of Twelfth Night to make sure Eisteddfod gets *suitable* time and space for it.  I'll tell you what.....since I'm not competing, I'll volunteer to HERALD Eisteddfod. :)


Here are the recurring Kingdom events that are listed. (By the way:  
would /somebody/, for heaven's sake, please edit the next edition of  
Kingdom Law to remove that non-word "reoccuring"? Thanks. *twitch*)

1 Academy of the Bow
2 Academy of the Rapier
3 Academy of the Sword
4 Coronation
5 Crown
6 Kingdom Arts and Sciences
7 Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium
8 Kingdom Warlord
9 King’s College
10 King's Champion
11 Kings Lancer
12 King’s Round Table (formerly Red Tape)
13 Laurel's Prize
14 Royal Huntsman
15 Queen’s Champion
16 Queens Children’s College
17 Eisteddfod

Do any of those shout "Oooh! Me! Pick me to partner with Eisteddfod!"?

King's College comes to mind, but only if it had a uniquely (or  
primarily) bardic theme to it. I could see doing that once -- King's  
College often has a theme of some sort -- but not every time; we'd  
lock out all of the other material suitable for King's College.


Do we need another Kingdom event? Or else an extension to Eisteddfod?  
Maybe something like "Kingdom Bardic Workshop and Eisteddfod"? Would  
that be enough of a "draw", do you think? (Anyone? But especially  
Robin, Ihon and Gwyneth?)

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