[Bards] The Right Questions

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 8 13:39:26 PST 2006

On Nov 8, 2006, at 3:10 PM, Martha Schreffler wrote:

> I don't see Kingdom Dance and Music on your list. ...

...because they aren't listed in Kingdom Law, which was the source of  
that list (as stated). Good catch, though. (To the same someone I  
called out to earlier: when you edit "reoccurable" out of Kingdom  
Law, would you also please add Kingdom Dance and Music Workshop to  
the list of recurring events? Thanks.)

> The last two years that I've gone I've attended music and singing  
> classes and then the musicians played for the dancers at the ball.   
> I'm not sure about the Eisteddfod but I could definitely see more  
> bardic classes throughout the day at this event. - Amata

The only problem with that (that I realized *after* I suggested a  
"Kingdom Bardic Workshop and Eisteddfod") is the one pointed out by  
Alden: interference between the activities. Many of the people who  
would make the best teachers would also make the best judges or  
competitors. At least at Kingdom Dance and Music Workshop, it's  
possible to schedule the tracks to minimize interference among them.  
And there's no competition during the day; just a ball in the evening.

However, if there were enough bards supporting the event, then that  
shouldn't be a major problem.

On the other hand, I'm imagining a "fighter's workshop" running  
concurrent with Kingdom Warlord. The workshop would get squashed  
flat. Everyone who you'd want to be in it, would be outside on the  
list field.

Now, if we had some activity going on that didn't compete at all with  
the bardic competition... in fact, maybe gave them a venue to which  
to perform... like a dinner theater...


What if we held Eisteddfod in the middle of a feast hall filled with  
revelers who were there to enjoy the competition?


(seeking cover)

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