[Bards] The Right Questions

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Wed Nov 8 14:08:33 PST 2006

Michael Silverhands wrote:

> On the other hand, I'm imagining a "fighter's workshop" running
> concurrent with Kingdom Warlord. The workshop would get squashed
> flat. Everyone who you'd want to be in it, would be outside on the
> list field.

Exactly right.  Putting two time-intensive bardic events together would 
detract from both, and force excruciating choices on each of us.

> Now, if we had some activity going on that didn't compete at all with
> the bardic competition... in fact, maybe gave them a venue to which
> to perform... like a dinner theater...
> Hmmm...
> What if we held Eisteddfod in the middle of a feast hall filled with
> revelers who were there to enjoy the competition?

Bonwicke, 1990.  It worked well.  Cadfan won.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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