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Lori Wyvill lori at drweakley.com
Wed Nov 8 14:14:26 PST 2006

Alden wrote:

Through all these discussions, what I would propose doing is forgetting
about the college for a moment, and addressing directly things we need to do

1)  Improve Bardic visibility and usage;
2)  Make better use of the resources we have available to us now (elist,
webpage, publication);
3)  Increase Bardic activities (both performance and discussion)

What I gather to be the desired effect of creating a college is simply to
strengthen our community.  So let's simply call it "The Bardic Community".
It already exists, we just need to make it better.

Suggestions to do it.

Regarding 1) above: wear Bardic sashes, talk to branches about inter-branch
Bardic champion challenges, work with nobility/royalty and event stewards to
schedule performances, as a bard simply be more visible - put yourself out

Regarding 2) above: continue good dialogue on this elist, submit
compositions, class notes, articles, links, resources, etc. to link on the
website, contribute stuff to Voices of the Star.  Do we want to create a

Regarding 3) above: hold more circles, start local guilds, teach more

The onus is on US to do more, and by doing more, we'll improve the
connections we have to each other, thereby strengthen our sense of


I couldn't agree more.  As I said in another post, we have the basic tools
in place,  we really just need to fine-tune.  As to your newsletter
question, I think the idea deserves some exploration.  Your other
ideas/suggestions are excellent.  I am willing to step and work and support
these endeavors.  How can I help?


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