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I have a standing appointment with Master Oxlade _who got his laurel because he kept getting all the other laurels drunk, or so I'm told :)

Ill talk with him tonight

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>I actually think that giving the Brewers/Vintners/Mazers/Cordial 
>alchemists, etc their own event is a worthwhile cause in and of itself.
>  Also cooks will require a few things, such as facilities and time to 
>prepare certain dishes they wish to serve in a particular way. All 
>brewer have to do is haul in bottles and kegs.
>Site requirements are easier met with brewers, all you need is a wet 
>site. Kitchens, firepits and electricity are not needed like they would 
>be for cooks.
>I'm happy to get this idea going, but I have no idea where to begin. I 
>suppose I need to start talking it up with the brewers, get input from 
>both the Kingdom A&S minister and whomever she knows needs to be 
>included, the Kingdom Seneschal...
>Eeesh. Where's the manual for creating/administrating a Kingdom level 
>I know there's a chain of command here, and I want to follow it, but I 
>don't know the links.
>You guys feel free to jump in and talk to whomever you think might be 
>of help or see if there's enough interest among brewers. I recall some 
>of them talking about having "Their own show".
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