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Work has been busy and I have had to spend some time catching up, 

I believe many of us who are very vocal have missed a point. That point being  _we don't have to agree on anything_. Frankly I doubt all of us ever will. 

130 pople on this list. plus however many uncountable bards throughout the kingdom this medium doesn't reach. combine that with scheduling on the kingdom callander for meetings in all regions. redrafting after there are polls taken at those meetings, and then having more hasing in private both on and off the list to schedule more meetings to decide we don't agree but we have something that most of us _don't object to_.  Well Ben Franklin said of the constitution something to the effect of "I will accept this because I don't believe we are going to get anything better" (obviously paraphrased) I guess if it's good enough for the founding fothers I guess it'll work here to. 

What we have to realize is that first and formost this is not going to happen quickly. A meeting at Eisteddfood is great. to believe we will have a concensus there or at any other one place is pure folly. If a College/Co-op/fellowship/network is to be formalized and fuunction for the bards of ansteorra it will happen as we start to work toghether to hold circles and tell the tales of the Sable Star. If it doesn't happen that doesn't mean it was a bad Idea, just that it wasn't actually needed.

We all come from a long and proud lineage of bards. Those chosen to serve as the Bard of the Sable Star have been hard pressed to live up to the lineage of the posistion and to the general heretage of the bards of Ansteorra in general. I think off of the top of my head the Laurels who have come up in the ranks of Ansteorran Bards, a quick list of the top of my head of Laurels who are bards from this kingdom. 

Truley (even if she was in canada when she gopt the laurel i say we still get to claim her)
Eowyn (who moved many years ago to the middle)

Again an incomplete list off the top of my head this does not include such notables in the A&S comunity such as Micheal, Finnacan, Kief and many other uberbards of Ansteorra, just those who have achieved the laurel. once we add the rest of the "Bardic heros" the list becomes an ominous thin indeed. A heratige to spark a fire to our souls and boil the blood with pride to call ourselves "Ansteorran Bards"

We are not "mainstream" in contrast to static arts and documentation and research papers. I don't see this as a problem. Oo we are outside of a nice neat box.. it's Ok they know us here!

In Faith

PS 'Ferret tossing' should never be attempted as a Norse Edda, it is safest as a goliard poem, or possibly as couplets.

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