[Bards] Championship Venue

Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 18:10:26 PST 2006

Per the Kingdom Bard, HL Elanor:
  The Kingdom Bardic Championship at 12th Night, will be held outside, in our own large and happening tent.
  If weather makes it impossible, we have the small, stuffy balcony.
  This is a great opportunity for us. Who can help? We need volunteers with heaters, extension cords, food, chairs, tables. Competitors, it's a good idea to plan on bringing your own chair.
  Banners, heraldry, foo foo -- all neatness we can drape this thing with would be good.
  Any volunteers to assist?
  More soon, when I have shaken this APALLING sinus headache.

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