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With no disrespect to Her Grace, I would argue that the Premier Bard should first and foremost be the Crown's Bard, as he/she is Their champion (noun).  Secondary to that, the Premier Bard should champion (verb) the bardic arts and the bardic community.  It should not be a requirement of the champion to take on the leadership of the bardic community - any more than the King's Champion should be the Earl Marshal.  If the Premier Bard chooses to do that job, great!  But he/she should not feel that it is an obligation upon winning Eisteddfod.  I would imagine some fine bards might opt to not compete in Eisteddfod if that were the case.  And this should hold true on any level.  Just because I'm the Titled Bard of Somewheregreen, doesn't make me their Bardic Guild Principal.


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I really like what you had to say. The only problem I have is with the 
Kingdom bard not being an College position. It has been the only 
college position that we have maintained and I am not ready to give it 
up to the Laurels and make it another A&S standard thing. Right now we 
control how it is run if we break it from the College it stop being a 
position for Performer and become a matter of scholarship with 
documentation the major focus. The premier bard is our role model and 
reflects what we think is important. We need to keep control of it. I 
don't see any problem with putting the position back to its honorary 
head that it was before the Crowns started messing with everything. 
the duties inherent in the job are hard enough without having them do 
all the jobs a healthy college would be doing. 

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