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Are we looking for information on planning an event, or are we looking for information on how to propose a new event to be added to the Kingdom Calendar?  Or is the latter included in the former, within the scope of the Event Planning Guide?

The best bet to get it on the calendar would be to propose it as a multi-branch event (or a regional event), so it doesn't count against any group's event limit.  Then, if we can show a track record of good participation and repeat it over a few consecutive years, we could look (with the Kingdom Seneschal) at making it a kingdom event. :)

I find planning the event itself to be pretty straight forward.  The part about getting it on the calendar and all that is something I'm not as familiar with.


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> If anyone else wants a copy, just let me know and I'll forward it to
> you as well.

On second thought: I'm checking with the folks on the Redtape list to  
see if any of them know whether that planning guide was finished and  
where it ended up. Hopefully one of them will know where it is,  
assuming t was ever actually finished. Let's hold off on distributing  
the draft copy any more than the one I sent to Finnacan to help him  
get started. If I haven't heard back from anyone by Monday, then I'll  
assume that project fell through the cracks, and will be happy to  
send copies of the draft to whoever wants one. Heh... maybe someone  
will decide to finish it. :-)

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