[Bards] Championship Venue

Melody Soice melodysoice at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 04:52:09 PST 2006

I can bring a 10x20 garage with walls (for overflow, food, jam session, 
whatever), 3 rugs, 2 small tables, a load of food and some chairs.

Anyone volunteering to write this stuff down and find out when we can set 


>   Glad to see some of you already chiming in to help. As to all you others 
>out there, if this is going to work we need everyone to step up to the 
>plate. You didn't like the setting so we changed it(as much as we could on 
>short notice), now we need heaters, extension cords, tables, chairs, 
>banners and wall hangings, food, drink, and anything else you can think of 
>to make this an Eistedffodd to remember. Let us all pull together to 
>breathe life back into the competition and the community!
>   Putting my 2 cents in( as well as 2 extension cords, a heater, a large 
>table, and as much food as I can round up),
>   HL Elanor
>   PBA
>Esther <reese_esther at yahoo.com> wrote:
>     Per the Kingdom Bard, HL Elanor:
>   The Kingdom Bardic Championship at 12th Night, will be held outside, in 
>our own large and happening tent.
>   If weather makes it impossible, we have the small, stuffy balcony.
>   This is a great opportunity for us. Who can help? We need volunteers 
>with heaters, extension cords, food, chairs, tables. Competitors, it's a 
>good idea to plan on bringing your own chair.
>   Banners, heraldry, foo foo -- all neatness we can drape this thing with 
>would be good.
>   Any volunteers to assist?
>   More soon, when I have shaken this APALLING sinus headache.

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