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  On 11/6/06, Jay Rudin <rudin at ev1.net> wrote:   

Debates are more open when more people take part.  Four people slugging it
out with three cheering is a very closed debate.  One of the reasons I 
haven't suggested any verbiage is that I won't know what to recommend until
I get input from a whole lot more bards than are active on this list.  As I
wrote earlier, "I don't think we're far enough along yet, because we haven't 
consulted any bards who aren't on this list yet.  This list is an extremely
quick and efficient tool to get your ideas to a certain self-selected
minority of the kingdom's bards, but it does not qualify, by itself, as a 
large enough body to make decisions."

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin   
     I am reading all of this with great interest and plan to chime in at some point, however it takes me a long time to write a good letter that I am satisfied with, (I really dislike sending something out till I feel I have it right,) and I haven't had that kind of time.  Also when I have something to say I keep reading and find that someone else has already made the point that I was going to make, and I don't want to add to an already LONG discussion just to say "me too". 

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