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I think any group could autocrat such an event.  If our intent is to repeat this event annually, then it should be hosted in a different region each time.  I see no reason why a Northern group couldn't host the first one.  

For me, there's a ratio of how far I'm willing to go to an event versus what the event has to offer.  For a day/weekend of classes on bardic arts and brewing, contests of both, enjoying a drink and a song....and with a good road-trip group of folks....yeah, I'd aim to make that event. :)  The last time I was in Mooneschadowe was for a Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium.  I'm about due to make that trip again. :D


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I know we're up north, but Mooneschadowe (my group) is know for its high 
quality events. Should I ask around? Does anyone down south think a 
northern groups should host such a thing?

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