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Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 13 17:49:09 PST 2006

Concerning developments on this topic, after talking with the Kingdom 
(Hey guys, sorry I've been away, new job and making a number of phone 
calls on this topic. No, I haven't bailed on the idea, but I'm reminded 
that good ideas = volunteer in this group)

Originally the idea was to combine Kingdom Eisteddfod, a Kingdom level 
event, with another field of interest, this one being brewing, 
vintning, mazing, etc. Eisteddfod is still open for groups to bid on, 
and does not penalize a group's calendar for the year. The idea that 
Bards and Beers could become a constant event is a delightful one in my 
mind, but there remain a few things to consider.

One, the brewers have no Kingdom level event at this time. If they are 
a part of a bardic event, it's because the hosting group has made them 
welcome as a part of the event. They, like many other would-be Kingdom 
level events, will likely want a trial period of 2-4 years to see if 
there's interest enough for the event become a part of the Kingdom 
roster of events.

Two, Eisteddfod was wanting not for attendance, but for competitors 
when held at Twelfth Night. Those events where Eisteddfod was a stand 
alone event had a decent number of competitors were not well attended 
overall, making the event less interesting to some groups for bidding. 
Now that Eisteddfod is at one of the most heavily attended events in 
the kingdom, it is suffering from lack of competition. This is likely 
due to the large amount of business, socializing and high court play 
one encounters at Twelfth Night. People are going to Twelfth Night for 
Twelfth Night, and little else. Therefore, it stands to reason (at 
least in the opinion of the Kingdom Seneschal and myself) that a more 
casual event would be more advantageous, that is when compared to a 
huge event with limited space, or an Eisteddfod held by itself. If a 
group is interested in having Eisteddfod and willing to consider that 
they may become the event's long term home, I strongly support them.

I'm in talks now with numerous people at the behest of a few on this 
list and I am considering a couple of options.

It occurs to me that if the problems of Eisteddfod can be solved by a 
simple yet effective move, the brewers may find that...

A.) the new group hosting Eisteddfod is welcoming to their 
contributions (which I'm working on... My theory is, invite the 
brewers, they will come).

B.) (My favorite) The brewers can join us not for Eisteddfod, but a 
bardic/brewing collegium, which naturally would end with one heck of a 
The only problem with "B" is that neither of these events would be 
Kingdom Level, and so would either have to be held at an existing event 
or a group or pair of groups would need to volunteer to host.
If anyone is interested (Ivo, you keep talking about this, I'm looking 
at you, and the north could support that all on it's own) than you may 
find this is easier than trying to finagle around with a Kingdom event 
AND a new event for brewing.

At this time I'm testing the water with a number of folks and I hope 
the brewers can be a part of whatever comes along. If so, they may find 
that they want to stay with Eisteddfod or would like to share a 
collegium with us.
My overall goal is...
A new home for Eisteddfod with better support and a more relaxed 
An Eisteddfod in winter within ease of reach.
An Eisteddfod wherein the brewers can set up shop, teach and taste.
Bardcraft and Beverage arts supporting a group that has enthusiasm and 
the ability to host us.

Plans are afoot, but you don't speak for others, so I can't say much. 
Suffice to say, I'm working on it.


On Monday, November 13, 2006, at 04:10 PM, Cisco Cividanes wrote:

> We have a fan squad :)
>> My vote goes to Moonshadowe....Have been to several events there and
>> they know how to do it right.......Lord Cormac "The Black" Starwalker
> I'll talk with a few individuals on Tuesday, and see what people think.
> We have bards, and we have  brewers, so their might be enough internal
> interest to give us an option.
> Ivo
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