[Bards] Bard and beers-an event

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 13 19:02:41 PST 2006

On Monday, November 13, 2006, at 08:29 PM, gail young wrote:

> I mentioned this idea to the heavy fighters I live with and they said 
> "Will there be heavy?  I'd go anywhere and fight if a bard was going 
> to write a song about me if I won"...just a thought...
> gwyneth

This actually is an important issue, Mistress.
Thank you for mentioning it.

A heavy list would likely detract from Eisteddfod, which is more likely 
to flourish in a less, multi-activity event. If there were a list at an 
event hosting Eisteddfod, I fear Eisteddfod would suffer from the 
fragmented attention of the attendees. Most of us all would also be far 
too busy to give the warriors our attention. Eisteddfod last ALL day. 
It's a meat grinder. It is, for lack of a better comparison, the 
Queen's champion/King's Champion for bards and entertainers.


I think the notion that performers praise and encourage warriors of all 
stripes is a DEAD art form, only appearing on rare occasions, like a 
ghost at the anniversary of it's death.
We need to be willing to quietly encourage warriors between bouts, 
praise them after the bouts and make legends of their activities. I'm 
as lax in this as everyone else, and the few bards who have done it 
deserve respect.
We need to do this more often at the normal events around the Kingdom.

I need to, anyway.


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