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On 11/13/06, gail young <gwynethb63 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I mentioned this idea to the heavy fighters I live with and they said
> "Will there be heavy?  I'd go anywhere and fight if a bard was going to
> write a song about me if I won"...just a thought...
> gwyneth
   I have had an idea for an event stewing in the back of my head for a long
time,  A Heavy Tournament sponsered by the Bards.  Done with all the
pagentry, heraldry, style and show we can create.  I picture it being done
at a large venue such as Gulf War, or perhaps as a stand alone event within
the Kingdom.  There would be a really spiffy prize for the winner or winners
of the tournament and the Bards would be encouraged to watch the tournament
and write about whatever inspires them.  There would be even spiffier prizes
for the Bard who wrote and performed the best piece about the tournament AND
for the fighter who inspired the piece.
    I think it could be really cool but I haven't had the time to do
anything with it. If anyone else loves the idea run with it.

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