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  But heavy fighters are..well...they've been hit in the head a few times so you usually have to hit them in the head again to get thier attention..anyway...if we brought heavy fighters, bards and beer together, and TOLD them..hey, if you win, you'll get a song..and if you DON'T win, you can PAY someone for a song/poem/etc., I bet they'd be beating down your gate...

Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
          LOL - Heavy fighters will go anywhere if they can fight.  A bard might write a song about them if they win, but a bard could also write a song about them if they lose. ;)  It all depends on what inspires the bard...or how much you pay them.  >:)

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  I mentioned this idea to the heavy fighters I live with and they said "Will there be heavy?  I'd go anywhere and fight if a bard was going to write a song about me if I won"...just a thought...

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