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Ivo, tsk. Why not do it for a whole weekend. It always aggravated me
that colleges were only for one day. Then there would be more sites to
choose from. 

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Okay, I did indeed talk with several people tonight about a bards and 
brewers event. I left out the cooks because I didn't want to be 
presumptuous, but as it stands here, I'm guessing there wont be any 
decenting opinions about the issue.

The short list:

1) We need a site, and the top three each have MAJOR drawbacks.
    Camp Will rogers is not friendly towards a Colegium event and is an 
hour past Mooneschadowe.
    The Stillwater community center is an excellent classroom site, but 
is Dry (I asked, no waver will be issued, sorry)
     The Payn County Fair grounds building is an excellent site, with a 
spectacular kitchen, but the room is one huge room with no patricians. 
So classes will be difficult, but not impossible.

2) Attendance is a big question mark. All the "I'll be there"s in the 
world wont help us if we take a bath on this, and furthermore, a belly 
up on this will hurt any second chance as well.
Its not that we don't want to do it, but this is a new idea, and there 
is no precedence for how many people to expect.

3)  When. With Mooneschadowe being a college centered group, the time of

the year becomes an issue. During the summer months, we loose the 
college students, who, franky, are a big chunk of our backbone in terms 
of labor and setup/cleanup. And if we hold the event later on in the 
year, we start risking conflicting with other events.

4) Who?  I'm totally cool with bards brewers and cooks, but if more 
people want to get in on this, we could seriously alienate parts of 
Mooneschadowe (and or the kingdom) depending on how we respond.

Example: supposed Sir JP wants to hold a fighter practice outside during

the classes. I would (likely) say no because the whole point of this 
event (IMHO)  is to NOT compete with fighting for attention. Right or 
wrong, there would be hurt feelings

Don't over read this, but its an off-the-cuff example. The more people 
we invite the better, but when we start crossing disciplines in any 
large numbers, we need to think about why were here and what we're

5) Money. Guys, I hate to say this, but the bottom line for a bunch of 
people is: will mooneschadow break even, and could it make money? We 
need to seriously think about this. We're asking people to jump in on a 
new event, and money is a consideration.

Okay, thats enough for one night, Ill talk to you all later on as I get 
more info.

Right now, the general reply from our Seneschal was "put a bid together 
and pitch it to the group". I'm not sure I want to go that far, but we 
definitely need to have more than an idea if were going to make this a 

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
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