[Bards] Bards Digest, Vol 7, Issue 74

Truly Carmichael trulinor at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 06:38:59 PST 2006

Hi Maggie - 
You are welcome : ) it was a fabulous event - That event (with a different theme) happens twice a year - once in Northshield and once in the Middle. I usually make just one of them. There have been something like twenty of them so far. Folks have already said that they'd be delighted to help with a "Bardic Madness Far South" if the Far South wants to try and pull that together. It wouldn't get the attendance of all the "play
It encourages writing - gives safe performance space, and lets us really spotlight and get to know each other. We had many conversations afterwards that ran "I've Never seen that piece get an audience reaction like that - did I deliver it differently from last time?" and "I think you should leave off the last stanza - the ending is that Other line - the last stanza is a bit of a let down." and - What do you guys think - can I pull this piece off, even though it's from the male perspective?'
So - I wish it for my friends down south. 
And while I'm CERTAINLY not offended - I'm not an Excellency. I'm just Eleanor. : )
Truly Carmichael

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