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I myself would like to see it as a camping event.  I found that I had goten
into the habit of day-tripping most of my events, and finally realized that
I was depriving myself of much of what I loved in the SCA.  I want to do
Bardic around a campfire until late at night.
   Also I don't see that this has to be a calander event.  If it's off
calander then there can't be court.  That leaves more time for bardic.  A
source of frustation to me is the fact that so many events are so
overscheduled.  You get a three hour+ feast followed by a long court, and
before you know it it's nearly midnight and everyone is going to bed.  I
personally think that is the source of some of the decline in Bardic over
the last few years.


On 11/15/06, Manners, Tabitha <tabitha.manners at okstate.edu> wrote:
> You make a good point about the advantages of a camping event.  We will
> also have to take into consideration the weather.  I don't think the
> possibility of working with another group is completely out of the
> question.  I think each of you should talk to the groups and see what
> comes of it.  Give it a month or so for thorough discussion and keep
> everyone posted on how it is going.  I don't think it is reasonable to
> expect to gather all the information needed in less than that.  I would
> love to see a Bards & Brewers event up here and think it could be a lot
> of fun.  Let's see what has to be done to make it happen.
> Liliana
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> >>I can think of another group in the region that would probably be very
> >>interested in co-hosting a Bards and Brewers event with Mooneschadow
> =)
> >>I can't commit the Barony to anything without talking it over with
> them
> >>of course, but I think the idea would be well received.
> >>
> >>I think we might really want to consider a camping event for this
> >>though.  I see the evening of this event being the king of all revels.
> >>Do we really want the populace indulging in the brewers works and then
> >>having to drive home that night?  That and I can see this lasting well
> >>into the... well next morning.
> >>
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