[Bards] basics?

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Wed Nov 15 13:09:48 PST 2006

The biggest influence on site fee is what the site charges us.  I think 
we could very easily do the event for an under $10 site fee.  The only 
site I know of that would require that high a site fee is Cimarron, and 
there are plenty of other sites to choose from.  We might also want to 
look south for a site so as to shorten the drive for the rest of the 

Rather than flooding this list, we might want to take some of more 
mundane aspects of event planning off-list.

Things that would be good to see on the list are ideas for classes, who 
would be willing to teach, nifty ideas etc.


Cisco Cividanes wrote:
> Okay guys, when I talked with our Senechal the other night, we agreed on 
> some basic cost modeling. here is what I was going with...and these are 
> JUST guesses.
> anticipated attendance : 100
> Budget break-even point : 80
> Site fee : $10-$12
> resulting budget (less feast) $800-$960
> Feast for: 75
> fest fee: 5
> Feast budget:: 375
> (and I JUST thought those up this second so I had some concept of a budget)
> Does anyone with any more experience in autocrating (IE, I have NO 
> experience) want to chime in.
> Again, I'm not making any decisions, but I'm just getting a feel for 
> what we will need.
> Ivo
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