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Why does it have to appeal to the non Bards/Brewers/Cooks?  There's a calendar full of events that cater to the Kingdom as a whole.  I'd rather this be an event BY bards/cooks/brewers FOR bewers/cooks/bards (and those who appreciate them). :)   But as Robert pointed out a showcase of respective talents would be a fabulous idea!

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   This needs to have something to appeal to the non Bards / Brewers / Cooks.  If we want to be relavent to the Kingdom as a whole then the Bards need to serve the needs of the Kingdom and not just our own.  
   We need the puopulace to feel that even if they are not Bards that this is their chance to came and be amazed by the best that Ansteorra has to offer.  
   I suggeest that evening be a Bardic show piece where all the Bard can do two pieces that show what they can do at their best.  The cooks and the brewers can show off their best.  I would suggest that each bard do their best current piece and one new piece that shows the best they do now.  I would want it to be a chance to say ot the Kingdom that here are the best we have and this is what they can do.  I would travel for that. 


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