[Bards] Details?

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Thu Nov 16 11:00:34 PST 2006

Michael Silverhand wrote:

> On Nov 16, 2006, at 10:16 AM, Robert Fitzmorgan wrote:
>>    This needs to have something to appeal to the non Bards /
>> Brewers / Cooks.  If we want to be relavent to the Kingdom as a
>> whole then the Bards need to serve the needs of the Kingdom and not
>> just our own.
> Piffle. Whose needs does Steppes Warlord serve? To whom is it relevant?
> a) the fighters in the list
> b) those who come to watch and enjoy the lists
> c) all of the above
> It's "c)", of course. And without Warlord having to do a *thing* to
> "cater" to the rest of the kingdom -- just provide a spectacular
> venue for fighting.

Ummm... would this be the event that includes Steppes Champion (fencing), 
Steppes Eisteddfod, Steppes Archer, and Steppes Equestrian Champion, with 
five separate archery competitions, a tradition competition in embroidery, 
an open library, a heraldic consulting table, and various other scheduled 
activities that change each year, as well as huge royal courts, often 
including announced peerages?

If you want a 600+ event, you need to try to cater to every group.  But 
we're not trying to reproduce Steppes Warlord; we're trying to produce a 
new, fun event.  So I agree with the point you're making, just not the 
example you used.  (For the record, Serena and I were the event stewards 
this year.)

>>    We need the puopulace to feel that even if they are not Bards
>> that this is their chance to came and be amazed by the best that
>> Ansteorra has to offer.
> Actually, I think that such an event, as discussed/proposed thus far,
> *does* have appeal to the non bards/brewers/cooks. Anyone with a
> grain of intellect should be able to figure out that they'd have a
> wonderful time just *being* at such an event. Especially if the
> organizers tell them so in the event advertising. Repeatedly. :-)

Most especially, the people who would enjoy it can tell that they would, and 
the ones who wouldn't enjoy it can tell that they should stay away.

Traditionally, bardic-focussed events attract bards and people who like to 
listen to them, and don't attract large numbers of people with no great 
interest in the bards.  This is actually an asset.  Everybody there wants to 
listen to us.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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