[Bards] bardic ransoms

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 16 12:53:33 PDT 2006

Fellow bards,
I spoke briefly with HE Don Robert MacFarland about Legacy of Lions coming up this weekend.  I'm not too familiar with the format of the activities, but he mentioned a desire to utilize bards to perform on his behalf as a form of ransom, should he be required to pay such during the day.  He said, and I agree, that it would be a great way for bards to get some extra recognition for their art, and quite a memorable fashion in which to do it.  So if you are going to Legacy of Lions and would like to assist Don Robert in such a fashion, please get in touch with him at the event.  Or you might talk to other fighters that day and offer similar service.
Yours truly,
Alden Drake

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