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Unto their most august Majesties, dread sovereigns of Ansteorra, unto your Heirs and those who shall follow in their foot steps. Likewise unto the most Honored Eleanor O'Rourke Premier Bard Of our beloved kingdom and the gathered populace of these dear lands I am privileged to call home, I cry that you bear witness to my plea. Now does Darius of the Bells, Master of the Laurel, Twice Past Bard of the Tor, Past Bard of the Steppes, 10th Bard of the Barony of Weisenfeuer, send greetings. 

The term _Eisteddfodd_ is borrowed from the welsh, but here within the lands Unique and Singular it has come to indicate that time when poets, minstrels and troubadours shall gather each year  in a wondrous gathering of those who would remember deeds and actions of our heroes; as well as to bring forth those forms of poetry and verses found dear within their native lands. A competition to decide who shall be deemed the greatest 'bard' for the coming year. Now my sovereign lord and lady I would that you accept this, my intent my hearts desire, that I might come to Steppes at 12th night and compete to succeed fair Eleanor as the Premier Bard of the lands of the Sable Star. 

Good My Crown that I would have your leave, I would glorify the sable Star and the Names or your remembered ancestors before an Audience granted by that which is Devine. I would recall and then regale all there with tale and verse of Patrick Michael and his Highness "The bear" when first we faced the Triskle cross the grassy field. I would recall the names of legend old and new: Michael in the outlands stand, Ricardo on the  wall; Now Daire will hold the wall at War and Prince Romanus Shall not fall! I would that all come gather to hear the hero's tale. Ansteorra's bard Shall tell the Tale, the legends at Eisteddfodd to unveil.

Good my Crown I beg your leave that I might strive unto this lofty goal. that I might be the Bard that tells the _Ansteorran Tale_

In faith and fortune I am your man without let
Darius of the Bells
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