[Bards] A Bards wedding Three Kings

Simone Ui'Dunlaingh simonemu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 05:37:56 PDT 2006

As many of you know I am being privledged with becoe the lady wife of
Lord Seanan Mac Tierghnian After Saterday evening Court at Three

You my friends and comrads over the years would do me great honour if
you would come, be my guest enjoy the food, provide you voices before
the wedding  duriing diner and after.

We also love a good party. THe briday shower will be friday evening,
as well as seanans batchlor party


Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing.
We will be with you in the
fellowship of the spirit, and you
will surley meet some of us
as you TRUDGE the road of
happy destiny--bigbook 164

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