[Bards] Why don't people enter?

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On 10/31/06, Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings, cousins:
> Several points have been made regarding local championships:
> * they are the "front line" of bardic in the Kingdom, for many people
> * they could possibly be used as a preliminary round for Eisteddfod

     I don't really see a need for some sort of qualifying process for
entering Eisteddfod.  The issue that I am hearing isn't that we have too
many people entering or that the quality of people who enter is poor.  The
issue seems to be that we don't have enough of the Top bards entering.  I
don't see how having some sort of qualifying process will help that.
    Why are so many of our best Bards not competing to be Kingdom Bard?   Is
it a problem with the timing or location of the event?  Is it that they
don't see being Kingdom Bard as desirable?   Is it that they don't feel that
they are good enough?  Is the format not interesting?
    For myself, I am very interested in being Kingdom Bard, but my mundane
situation would not allow me to do the job well at this time.  If I win I
don't want to do a half-assed job, so I choose not to go for it at this

   I do think that in the interest of saving time we have taken a lot of the
excitement out of the competition.  I really, really liked the Double
Elimination Tournament format.  It was challenging, it was exciting, it was
fun, and if you won or even made it to the finals you felt like you had
really accomplished something.
   Lately, it's just another bardic competition.  Nothing special. The only
thing to distinguish it from a dozen other competitions held every year is
the title you get if you win.

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