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A picture would be nice, too!

Kathy Elliott <bardkat at verizon.net> wrote:  Cadfin made several banners incorporating this heraldry. Many of the
coastal groups, and the Kingdom, still use Cadfin's banners as pass on
regalia for the bardic champion. If you hang it, bards will come ...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if EVERY barony, shire and canton had a pass on
banner for their titled bard?

Robin and Willow can help with the history, but I believe any bard was
entitled to wear the College of Bards blue sash. As you earned various
titles and progressed higher in the college, you could add different types
of trim to your sash.

Ihon made the belt favors a few years ago based on the College of Bards
design - light blue with gold tassel trim. He passed them out to the
Stargate bards, and gave several of us extras to pass out as well. (I
believe Gerald lovingly called them "bard targets.")

That being said, my vote is that every bard wear a light blue "bard target"
belt favor with the College of Bards badge on it, trimmed with gold tassel
(when he/she is willing to be "on duty"). I don't think we want or need to
return to the structure of the college, but the visibility would be great.

Alden, could we post directions on how to make the favors on the website, to
help ensure consistency?

Whatever we decide on, I challenge everyone to make a favor/target/baldric
not only for yourself, but also to make several to give away as largess to
new bards. What better gift to a new bard than the opportunity to perform


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