[Bards] What is a bard?

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Wed Oct 25 15:15:23 PDT 2006

Michael Silverhands wrote:

> Exactly. They have no other appropriate venue. I think that's one
> reason why instrumental music just sort of limps along -- at best, as
> a "dance band" for European or Middle Eastern dance. And that's why
> I'd love to see a champion for instrumental music in the Kingdom
> <whatever> of Bards.

It's been my experience that, when building a church, you can't build the 
steeple first.

You need to build a foundation.  Hold an instrumental music competition. 
Talk it up.  See who comes.  Get feedback.  Hold a few more.  If the idea 
grabs enough people, then others will start holding them.

The College could certainly sponsor such competitions.  I'd be comfortable 
with the idea, and think it would help make it clear that we are here to 
help people, rather than to exclude them.  You don't need a Kingdom 
Champion; you need venues.

Build from the ground up, not from the steeple down.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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