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I agree with what you, Master Darius.
  I would also like to "re-make" history a little.... What if, instead of saying, "Where is your sash?", the good gentle had said something to the effect of, "Wow! You really rock! Here, here is a sash thingy as largesse, that basically says that I, another bard of Ansteorra, think you rock."
  How about that?

Darius <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:
  ehm... tap tap tap.... 

Howdy folks.

I am firmly in support of any thing that promotes and encourages performers 
and performance in Ansteorra.

When I Joined the SCA years ago the College of Bards was on one of it's 
upward swings. I began singing songs and reciting poetry because.. well it's 
just one of the things I do. One stary night I was ask "good bard, where is 
your sash?" Staring blankly at my kind inquisitor, I replied in all 
honesty "huh?"

The point of this ancedote is that the College did exist and a new comer who 
was interested had not heard of it till he was playing six or eight months. 
I then began to hear of bars that could be placed upon the sash that I was 
_supposed_ to wear. all in all the whole thing turned me right off of even 
bothering to seek the college out.

To this day I am always a bit leary when I hear the Rally call "lets restart 
the Queens college of Bards! So and So is re-writing the charter and we are 
gonna have meetings an' everything!"

In Short I am an Ansteorran Bard. Always have been, always will be. If 
flying the standard of the college of bards at my camp will encourage others 
to stop by and share a song or verse and perhaps a dram or two in passing.. 
Wonderfull! If doing so means I am told I have to follow certain rules of 
how a circle will be run or protocol among the bards before my tent... then 
I simply won't fly the standard and you will all be welcome any way.

In Faith

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