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But as Bards If we are to expect the populace to recognize and suport
Our estinfadd we too must take it seriously and suport it. And a
showing of only a dozon bards to compete to be the kingdom bard is not
showing suport for the competition.

I can only speak for me, but in the many years I have been here, and all of 
them a Bard, I have never entered the Eisteddford.  The reason is that I was 
told about  the requirements and realized that I don't meet them. This was 
many years ago and have neverchecked to see if they have changed 
(embarrassed).  What are the requirements to enter? Should they be posted? 
Perhaps, like me, other bards have gotten the impression that is somewhat 
like an invitational and you need to be of a certain stature to compete. 
Just a thought.  AmberLea

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