[Bards] Eisteddfodd and the college

Darius masterdarius at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 27 18:04:08 PDT 2006

Ok on the college... What Finnacan said! He said it al I aint got no more.

On Eisetddfodd

One thing comes to mind with the comparison that has been made to Queens... How many here besides the Rapier fighters know there is a "Bow Out"

Usually when there are between 8 to 12 fighters left in the list at Queens you will see the fighters gather with her Majesty. This is the "Bow out" Her Majety thanks all those gahtered there and invites any who are not able to fufill her expectations as her Champion to step aside. No Harm No Foul, No Disgrace for knowing your own capabilities. 

We have nothing like that in Eisteddfodd. Perhaps this is one reason why why we have less competitors. If before the judges choos the finalist all are given the oportunity.....

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