[Bards] How to improve Kingdom Eisteddfod

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Luciana, the first question I have for you concerns the highlighted
paragraph (2nd for those using plain text).  Why, if you have a passing fair
voice and a notion to tell a story, would you NOT do so.  I'm a gregarious
individual, so my mileage may vary from yours.  Why would you need a special
event in which to perform, when it is the performances, as well as the
fighting, that people remember?
You may have to budget which events you go to, as do I.  I can't go to every
event I'd like to, either due to time constraints or wherewithal.  However,
with the information that's available on the internet it amazes me that this
is the first time you've heard of Eistedfodd, but then, you might be new to
the kingdom.  In any rate, the whole point of this post is that I'd like to
encourage you to "show off a bit" at bardic circles, possibly during feast,
or sing a lively song at the archer's pavilion while they are retrieving
their arrows.  
In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate 


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My Lord, I have been very cheerfully lurking, and reading the posts. I agree
with the vast majority of what has been posted here. I just have one
problem/question...what is Eisteddfod?
I suspect that there are quite a few people in the same situation that I
find myself in. Why should I go to something that is 'just' another event
when I do not even know what it is supposed to be for? What is going to be
there that I would enjoy? I would not be so presumptuous as to claim bard
status, yet my singing voice is passable, and I can tell a tale at the drop
of a hat. If I knew that there was an event that was purely bardic, I might
actually go and try to show off a bit. 
Until the event began to be mentioned here, on the list, I did not even know
that this existed. To be honest, I am still not completely certain that
Eisteddfod is not focussed on fighting, and all this talk is about adding
something bardic to the event. There are a lot of new people in Ansteorra,
that I expect are the same way. It sounds like anyone who came in after the
mid-90s is going to be affected. That is a whole lot of people. 
What I think I am trying to say, is that if you want the event to be what it
once was, you have to be willing to advertise, and explain what is going to
be available. The experienced bards are needed, yes. But, you need new
blood, and an audience, also, and the only way to get either of those is to
tell the uninformed people what is going on. 
I hope that this has made some sense,
(who is going back to lurking now)
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