[Bards] new and old Charters

Darius masterdarius at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 28 06:17:43 PDT 2006

I don't think any one here is arguing that the college has had a charter 
that has existed in more than one incarnation. I believe the point of 
discussing a charter is that we need to develop something that works for 
those that want a college today.

It would be good to post the text of the existant charter here, so that 
those of us who did not involve ourselves in the college may know what has 
been in the past. As Many bards including myself did not join in. We may 
well find that it is solid and still functional or as we discus we may find 
need to start anew. Indeed we may find that we need no charter at all and 
simply agree that to fly the ensign of the college is an open invitation to 
other bards to gather and enjoy the craft. I would alsio be interested in 
seeing the original charter of the college, and any other drafts that 
occured along the way.

In Faith

Simone Said:

I was not talking maing a charter ...we already have one. WE have a
COLLEGE dormant as it may be.

IF you want I can repost the charter was agreed on by a 2/3 majority
of the bards whom answered the census when Daffyd and Octavia were on
the thone.


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