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  Brian, here's a question; will you fight in Queen's Champion, even if you don't feel that you're up to it for whatever reason?  Why not compete in Eistedfodd?  The experience of being up against the best in the kingdom is knowledge gained.

  Here is my point, if you were new to fencing and had heard about "Queens" and were told that it was only for experienced fighters and that they required documentation and use of period style fighting only, would you not think twice before entering?  That is what I was told about Eisteddfodd.  Also that I needed to have an original piece in a period style.  Since I still don't have one of those even after 25 years, why should I consider entering. If these requirements are not he case, maybe that should also be "published" or at least spread around.  Based on the information I was given, I still don't think I have what it takes to enter.  AmberLea
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