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At 11:42 AM 10/28/2006, you wrote:
>SNIP... everything I have heard about and coming
>from Eisteaddfod led me to draw the following conclusion: If you are
>not of the scholarship of the Poet Laureate of England, having iron
>clad documentation for every piece (Original pieces must have
>documentation for the style or need not apply.) and are not of the
>bardic skill of Taliesin.  Don't bother trying.  It has the feel of
>Olympic Bardic crossed with a PhD dissertation.

No!  Never!  My first bardic competition in this kingdom was 
Eisteddfod.  I had a great time, and learned a lot about performance, 
recovering from a fumbled line, and laughing off a garb failure.  No 
one judged me but the judges, and I felt very welcome and part of the 
group.  I felt like I have in every competition I've ever entered...

Challenged and having a whole lot of fun with some great people.

As for the rules this year...
(This is taken from Elanor's post a few months ago.)

First round will be bard's choice. If your piece is documentable, it 
will be encouraged but not required. Verbal documentation that is 
complete and concise will also be accepted.

Second round will be the judges choice. I will have a bowl or hat 
that the judges will draw from for that performance. It may be a 
request for a certain form, such as story or song, or it may be a 
request for a particular theme, such as chivalry, love, or battle.

The judges will then choose approximately 3-5 finalists, depending on 
the number of competitors.

The final round will be an Ansteorran piece.

My motivation for this format stems from the proclivity of the Crown, 
or the Nobility to call on the Kingdom Bard at a moment's notice when 
the need arises......and you had better be ready and able to perform 
when summoned. Also, The final round choice stems from my feelings 
that if you are vying for the title of Kingdom Bard you had better be 
able to perform pieces about your Kingdom! You are the keeper of Her 
history for the tenure of your title, you should know about Her and Her people.

Anyone with any questions may feel free to contact me by e-mail or on 
my cell. I will be glad to answer them as best I may.
<mailto:wolffsrun at sbcglobal.net>wolffsrun at sbcglobal.net
cell # 817-874-1383

It was signed by Elanor.  I know, as I have talked to her about a lot 
of it, that she is having some challenges mundanely right now.  I 
assume that that is why she hasn't piped up yet.

Now, that's not so bad is it?
Elfsea Bard 
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