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Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
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My point, Brian, is that you shouldn't get that nervous when you compete in
bardic competitions either.  And the only way to REALLY get over that is to
compete in enough of them to where you can forget about nerves and,
instead, enjoy the company and the competition.


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  Gerald, I fight in Queen's Champion because, as Robin said, the best
fencers are there.  I may have the chance to fight one of the top Dons/Donas
and learn from them.  With the arts, as I see it, I need to better myself
and that is not by competing, but by practicing and watching.  I will learn
from watching and concentrating on the great bards of our Kingdom rather
than worrying what the fifth line of my next piece is.  When I compete, I am
generally too nervous to really watch, learn from, & enjoy the other bards,
so I would rather not compete in Eisteddfod just yet and watch instead.  I
do not really get that nervousness when I fight. 
On a separate note, I would like to thank you, Gerald, for sparking this
whole thread.  I believe, no matter the outcome, these conversations will
benefit Ansteorra's bardic scene.
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