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Charles Ó Floinn thorn at raf662bravo.com
Sun Oct 29 06:24:37 PST 2006

I do not think the issue is about the Estinfod...I think the issue is
What are we doing as bards to Particpate, show, promote and encourage
our craft


Thank you Simone, that sums up what I want to say too.

I see, from my less than shiny but still new members status, that Barding is
more an overlooked art now relegated to back rooms, out-of-the-way corners
and campfires than the prestigious position it once held both I n period and
in Ansteorra.  How to break out of this self-imposed retirement the BARDIC
community has settled for?  This is the question I was looking to answer
when HL Gerald of Leesville posted his “Are (we) performers satisfied 
question.  When the responses were focusing on how to get noticed thru Bard
Targets, etc. I could hold back no longer.  Now we have 172 responses that
show we are more the silent majority and not the dead rising.

I do not believe we are creatures fit only for the night who huddle around
pit-fires and share tales or songs to pay for our dinner.  I believe WE
EXIST, we even THRIVE, on giving away our best efforts.  Be it in a
competition pitting ourselves against the best and most respected of our
craft, or around the campfire speaking in earnest tones and sharing the Tale
of the Father of Farts (A tale told by Shahrazade on the 798th, 799th, and
800th nights of the Thousand Nights and One Night).  I AM NOT SATISFIED with
a few poorly advertised Bardic Events.  Until this thread, I thought the
Bardic Competition at Twelfth Night was a part of the festivities for that
event.  I had no idea we even HAD a Kingdom Bard.  Is this not a failing on
OUR part?  We have conquered the first law of quisience; we have begun to
show life AS A BODY and actually begun to move.  Let us continue onward,
until we also have a star to call our own.

Charles Flynn

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