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On 10/29/06, Gerald Norris <jerryn at houston.rr.com> wrote:
> How do we solve this dillema of marathon bardic championship?  Couple of
> ways.  We can limit the time of performance, which will be unfair to some.
> We can limit the time judges have for notes, etc., which will be unfair to
> others, or we can split the judges into individuals in seperate "arenas",
> each judging the first round.  You have to trust your judges, and your
> judges have to trust each other.  You significantly knock down the time it
> takes to decide a champion AND the contestants can do something beside be in
> a room all day.
>  .
> Annes, I am fully with you on the concept that the Kingdom bard should be
> able to capture their audience in a crowd.
> In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
> HL Gerald of Leesville
> A bard of Stargate

     For awhile we ran Eisteddfod as a double elimination tournament.  Two
Bards went head to head, one won and one lost.  You weren't allowed to do
the same form, (story, song, poem) twice in a row, but in the final round
this restriction was lifted.  Going into the tournament you wanted to have
at least 6 or 7 strong pieces.
     I really liked this format, but it had it's problems.
    The big one was that it took even longer than what we are doing now.
    The other was that sometimes just due to the pairings you had really
good bards eliminated early while weaker bards advanced.  This happens in
fighting tournaments all the time, but some of the bards had a problem with
     So we started having everyone do two pieces and the judges picked half
to advance then everyone did another piece and the judges picked half of
those.  Then to speed things up we started having everyone do two pieces
than the judges picked the finalists, which is where we are now.
    I could see going back to the tournament format and splitting the early
rounds into two or three "fields".  One of which could be downstairs where
the populace can hear if they want and the bard can demonstrate their
ability to perform for a large audience under unfavorable conditions.  It
might even be interesting to have the downstairs field be audience judged.
Let the bard demonstrate that they can play to an audience as well as to the
   There are a lot of different ways we can choose the Kingdom Bard.
   Have everyone do one piece and let the Crown pick who they want.
   Have people challenge the current Bard to defend their title. Establish
traditions on how challenges can be issued and how they will be decided.
You wouldn't even have to have a dedicated event for it.  Challenges could
happen at any event where the kingdom bard was present.
   Each Crown could appoint their own Bard in whatever way they see fit.
The Kingdom Bard would become an Entourage position.
   All of these ideas havegood points and bad points.


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