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Mon Oct 30 06:09:48 PST 2006

I will try.

when willow was primer bard there was a call from many of the bards to
have our college back but they did not want the queens college of
bards so we spent her tenure creating a charter and college that would
endure even if it went dormant as it has now. so that it never again
had to be recreated. any primer bard of anstorra can bring back the
collge by refillin the offices that  have gone vacant.

those officers are a college cordinator who serves as a keeper of
information and promoter of bardic activites. The second a newsletter
editior.  and the third is actualy 5 officers a college rep in each
region. the charter allowed for 4 work weekends a year to be rotated
throughot the regions

the reason for this structure is to help in th movement of information
between the bards. to have a storehouse of information for old bards
and new ones. to have a person for groups to contact should they need
asistance with a cometition.  To promote our craft. to have a resorce
old and new bards could use. to be in the college was a matter of
choice not neccesity. the charter alows for our unity as bards of
ansteorra while allowing us the freedom of our own individual

The reason i know the charter so well is i was honored with the
privledge of writing it, and rewriting it until we got something the
majority could agree on.


> Clearly, I'm missing something. If that's the purpose of the officers
> of the College... then it seems to me there's no need for it. But,
> obviously, you and Robin *do* see a clear need... so, equally
> obviously, you are seeing something that I am not. Can you please
> clear up this confusion?
> Thanks,
> Michael
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