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Mon Oct 30 21:38:18 PST 2006

OK - 
  First and Foremost I caon';t believe I actually got through all of those... it is wonderful to see all the activity, but hard to stay caught up.
  Let me answer Gerlald's question first:
  NO, personally, I don't think that I get enough bardic time at events. I DO think its mostly my own fault, but I also know that I don't have your courage or self confidence to just kind of make my own venue. After things quiet down a little, I'm sure that you will find me parked under your pavillion often in the coming months.
  Bardic College - Love the idea of a supported community. I can't wait to continue reading posts etc... adn Yes Robin, I will happily see you at the meeting.
  Eisteddfod - Darius, I can not leave such a gauntlet lying there. I too, will compose a letter of intent once I clear oks from my other obligations. I've not entered one before, and I can honestly say I'm a little skittish.. but I also believe in the whole if you don't vote, don't complain... So I'll be there with the best I have.
  Badges, Sashes, and upcoming events. I will be at 3 kings and bordermarch. Maggie, I will happily join you in fire walking or sitting somewhere nice and sharing a tune or 20. There are still a couple I want to learn from you. If there are any bards who have not yet declared themself for a King... I would ask that you come and join me in support of King Lothaire I. I will have pretties for any bard that performs for his cause. I will also have some sashes made - I'll be giving them to his Majesty to pass out as he will.
  Badges... Christoforo and I are kicking around a couple of ways to put together small ones... more to come on that later.
  I know my answer is bare bones and lacks flourish... but forgive me - its late - and I had all this reading to catch up on for some odd reason.
  ~Mea Passavanti
  Bard of Stargate and Bonwicke
  oh - and Master Silverhands... in case you thought for any reason I could possibly over look your amazing talent...and kind heart. If I can enter Eisteddfod my friend... goodness knows I would love for you to be beside me. Its been too long since I've heard your stories... or your songs... or your music. Get my point. Miss You!
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