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You know what? I think we have a bad reputation. 
We are an entertainment industry. Weather we deal in dollar figures or championships or just prestigue, we are subject to supply and demand just like Hollywood. 
If a Movie directer couldn't fill a theater once every three weeks with a $.50 ticket sale, we would all say he sucked. 
Right now, we--the bards of Ansteorra--cant seem to fill some competitions, and they are free attendance. So what dose that say about us?

I don't think it's as much of a reputation issue.  I think the problem is based more on the society around us.  You can categorize people into three general groups: the doers, the facilitators, and the watchers.  In the SCA, there is a bigger focus on doing and serving, that it leaves little time for people to sit and watch.  It's all entertaining in different ways, whether we're entertaining ourselves or others.  The SCA is so gung-ho on "get out there and DO something" that it leaves little time to sit and watch.  

When it comes to WATCHERS, what bardic lacks in comparison to fighting is the consort (or sponsor), who stands beside the list field dutifully watching the one who bears their favor.  But the consort isn't just a watcher.  HE/SHE may also serve the fighter so that the fighter can focus on fighting, He/She may take care of the pavilion, keep the fighter hydrated/cooled, etc.  The best consorts I've seen make it a serious duty.  I'd say that at a bardic competition, more than 50% of the audience is bards, and 50% of those bards are in the competition.  My wife is rarely at an event where I'm competing in bardic, but when she is, she comes to watch.  And I've noticed that I'm developing a small following of friends who come out to watch, when they know I'm competing - which is very encouraging and inspiring. :)  

Better bards bring more notice, so always strive to improve your art!


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